Katarzyna Krzywon

I am a certified mindfulness instructor and trainer, with 

a trauma-sensitive approach; sound bath, and relaxation facilitator; massage therapist, with a passion for exploring sound as a tool to enrich the process of relaxation, meditation, and self-healing. I promote sound relaxation and meditation as a way of supporting overall wellbeing and mental health.

In 2011 I started the Sound Magic Ireland project, where I share my passion for music, sounds, and meditation. I am an owner of the meditation studio Mindfulness Haven Galway and online e-learning platform Mindfulness Haven Academy, where I offer mindfulness and meditation courses in English and my native Polish language.


I was awarded a mindfulness instructor certificate the Mindful Schools and have a background in various curriculums intended for children and adolescents.


My mindfulness courses are uniquely designed to reflect on my experience in working with children and adults for over 10 years. I continue to expand my knowledge and bring new information to my training. I have a particular interest in neuroeducation, psychology, and promoting wellbeing at schools. 


I hold the  “Train the Trainer” certificate, which is the basis for training people in professional competencies in Ireland, a certificate of the Clinical Trauma Specialist from Trauma Institute International, FETAC 5 Early Childcare Education, Fetac 6 Playtherapy Skills, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Massage in Schools, Rhythmical Alchemy Drumming Facilitation Skills, Sound Relaxation in Schools. Amongst other training related to relaxation, sound healing, neuroplasticity, yoga Nidra, and other trauma sensitive related techniques.


I also have extensive training in different types of massage, including pregnancy massage.

I support women who have experienced birth trauma, postpartum depression, and I promote gentle birth techniques and mindfulness to support the mindful birth and wellbeing of mothers during postpartum.

I have been delivering workshops for children in Ireland since 2009. Promoting mindfulness and relaxation in schools, for communities, at events, summer camps, and family residential holidays.​

For over 10 years I have been working with groups, teaching mindfulness relaxation, meditation, organizing sound baths, and providing mindfulness courses, and training in English and Polish.

I train teachers in Ireland and in Poland in promoting emotional intelligence and mindfulness in schools. My courses are also aimed at professionals, psychologists, doctors, group training instructors, therapists, parents, and all those who want to develop professionally towards becoming mindfulness instructors and all those who are looking to set themselves free from stress and anxiety and learn how to look after their own wellbeing and happiness. 


I originally come from Poland. I have been living in Ireland since 2005.

My personal experiences inspired me to search for methods, techniques, and therapies that could help me cope with stress, trauma, and panic attacks. Among many of them, I found Vipassana meditation and mindfulness that played the greatest role in the process of my healing.

I have been practicing meditation for 10 years and attending silent meditation retreats. 


My mission is to spread awareness about mindfulness and making sure that the whole context of the practice is taken into consideration. With the growing popularity of the practice, there is also responsibility for providing accurate knowledge and support to practitioners and instructors. I focus on offering a trauma-sensitive approach to mindfulness and promoting safe practice amongst diverse groups of participants, and children in the school enviroment. 


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